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The driving for behind the creation of the WDavisfoundation

The below is the author’s note from the book that started it all:

At its heart, this website has several messages I want to pass on to people.
The idea of loyalty to family is such a powerful one, reinforced at every
turn. Unfortunately, that idea was used to manipulate and control me;
my longing to be loved, to belong, to be a loyal son made me willing to
do things I deeply regret.

My story is a cautionary tale, one that if read carefully will prevent
you from making the same mistakes that I did while trying to protect my
family. If you remove the element of family from the story, I would have
never helped Johnny Russell do the things he did. It is something that I
now have to live with for the rest of my life.

A lot of comments will be made about the reason I wrote this book.
To be completely honest, there is more than one reason, but if just one
person can benefit from the lessons I learned and not go through the pain
and suffering I experienced, then this book was worth writing. The event
that pushed me from thinking about writing this book to doing it was the
day I found out I was going to be an uncle.

From that moment on, I was going to protect my nephew from Johnny
Russell, no matter what the personal cost to me. I started to write my
story. After finishing the book and witnessing the extent of the denial and
enabling within my family, I had no choice but to publish it.

This is a story of greed, excess, guilt and betrayal on an unprecedented
level. I make no excuses for my actions and I will have to pay for what
I have done for the rest of my life. I get down on my knees everyday and
pray for forgiveness for my part in things with Johnny. It took almost dying
twice and being in a coma for 20 days to truly realize the mistakes I made.

My hope in writing this book is that people realize that there are a
lot of Johnny Russell’s in this world and if you trust them, you could pay
the same price I did. The sad truth is we live in a world that contains both
good people and bad, some are saints and some are monsters; inevitably,
some of them are family.

End note.

After writing the book, the author realized he wasn’t alone. That some but not all of the wealthy and powerful in our country abuse their position in society. Those people believe that because of their social position, money and power the rules of right and wrong, let alone basic common human decency don’t apply to them.

The WDavisfoundation was created to help restore this balance and give a voice to those who would normally be unable to speak out against this abuse of power. Further, it will help the victims rebuild their lives, if they chose that path.

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