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About us

There are those who prey upon the weak in this world. They believe that their money, power and social positions put the above things like right and wrong.

The WDavis foundation is a non-profit organization that told not only hold predators accountable for their crimes but help their victims find their way back to a better life.

The WDavis Foundation is a registered 501 C3 non-profit corporation. Its sole focus is to stand up for those who can not defend themselves against emotional, financial and sexual predators. It is our goal to hold those who would prey upon the weak accountable for their crimes, regardless of the predators wealth, power, or social position.

Latest news

Cindy’s story – putting a face on one of the victims

This story was taken from the 1st chapter of the book.

Images of the victims of a predatory father – Warning Graphic Images

The driving for behind the creation of the WDavisfoundation

The below is the author’s note from the book that started it all: At its heart, this website has several messages I want to pass on to people. The idea of loyalty to family is such a powerful one, reinforced at every turn. Unfortunately, that idea was used to manipulate and control me; my longing […]

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